Experiencing the beauty and marine life diversity of Hanauma Bay comes with a cost, necessary to support the preservation efforts of this special place. The funds generated through admission and parking fees go directly towards the maintenance, conservation programs, and ensuring the sustainability of the bay for future generations. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of the fees to help you plan your visit.

Admission Fees

To gain access to the mesmerizing waters and diverse marine life of Hanauma Bay, a standard admission fee of $25 per person is applicable for non-residents. This fee is valid for a single day and non-refundable. However, there are a few exceptions:

Children aged 12 years and younger are granted free admission. The child must be present at the Admission Window to receive their complimentary ticket.

For Hawai‘i residents aged 13 years and older, the admission fee is waived, provided they can present an acceptable proof of residency.

Active duty U.S. military members and their dependents, with proper identification, are also exempt from the admission fee.

Regarding the proof of residency, it is defined as a current Hawai‘i Driver’s License, a current Hawai‘i State ID with a Hawai‘i address printed on the front and valid for one year or more, or a current Hawai‘i School Student ID with validation for the current year or semester. It’s important to note that only one ID is permitted per person per day.

Parking Fees

For those driving to Hanauma Bay, parking fees apply. Hawai‘i residents pay a nominal fee of $1 per vehicle, valid for a single entry. Non-residents of Hawai‘i are charged $3 per vehicle.

Visitors should note that parking fees are refundable if the vehicle exits the parking lot within fifteen minutes. This is particularly handy if you’re dropping off passengers or realize you’ve forgotten something.

For licensed motor carriers with a PUC certificate, parking fees vary according to the vehicle’s passenger capacity:

  • For vehicles accommodating 1-7 passengers, the fee is $10.
  • For vehicles accommodating 8-25 passengers, the fee is $20.
  • For vehicles accommodating 26 or more passengers, the fee is $40.

Keep in mind that Hanauma Bay can be busy, and parking can fill up quickly. It’s advisable to arrive early to secure a spot and make the most of your visit to this natural wonder.

The fees associated with Hanauma Bay reflect the efforts to preserve and protect this unique marine environment. While it might seem a cost at first, it is, in fact, a small contribution to ensure the continuity of the bay’s rich marine biodiversity and pristine beauty for generations to come.

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